Securely Manage & Organize All Legal Documents

A firms reputation is built on their ability to protect their clients’ sensitive information. As technology develops, so also have solutions to address issues of document management. As these Document Management Systems (DMS) evolve to fit firms needs, so too does the number of DMS’ available, as well as the features they have to offer. Security, matter centricity, cloud solutions, and mobility are only a few of the factors that a firm must consider when investigating a DMS.

United Office Technologies Group has partnered with the industry leading DMS’. UOTG can help your firm mete out its requirements and assure success.

DMS Integration

Firms often face the challenge of integrating DMS with other valuable and necessary legal applications and hardware. United Office Technologies Group has successfully integrated DMS’ into existing IT infrastructure, connecting everything from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Time & Billing systems to multi-function printers (MFPs).

DMS Support

Even when a DMS is functional, there are often instances of user confusion or questions about capabilities of DMS’. United Office Technologies Group has a dedicated Legal industry support team that can provide support for leading Legal DMS, including:

  • Worldox
  • NetDocuments
  • iManage
  • OpenText
  • Microsoft Matter Center


1. Organized Filing
2. Easier Searching
3. Security and Access Control
4. Improved Collaboration and Communication
5. Less Paper to Handle

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