Workflow Optimization Solutions

UOTG’s workflow optimization solutions facilitate the transfer of information between physicians, affiliated organizations, remote workers, payers, and patients.

Common use cases include:

The platform transforms all objects into actionable information to automate workflow and deliver information where you need it, when you need it. It aggregates data from any source including HL7, direct messaging, e-mail, fax servers, and custom interfaces and can perform actions and output the data to any source or to an EHR system.

Bundled with a messaging platform to add automated communications through voice, message, text, e-mail, pager, fax, and traditional mail to create a physician and patient outreach engine for alerts, reminders, requests for information, and post-acute care follow-up. This increases reimbursement opportunity.


46% of faxed references never result in an appointment
50% of referring physicians do not know if the appointment was kept or seen by specialist
68% of specialists receive no information from PCP prior to appointment

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