Patient Experience Management Solutions

Accurate Tracking

United Office Technologies Group’s patient tracking system is platform independent and provides real-time patient status and tracking. As a multi-tenant solution, it allows management to monitor multiple areas and facilities from a central location. Metrics are captured automatically, providing greater accountability than tools that rely on manual user generated self-reporting.

Improved Communication

Our messaging platform notifies clinical staff of patient arrivals, registration status, and can be used as a communication tool between registration and clinical departments. Notification methods can vary between paging, email, and smart phones based on each site’s preferences. Family members can be notified of patient status and porters alerted to special transport needs for each patient.

Better Response Times

The system also measures registration, throughput, and wait times in real-time. This allows management to proactively allocate resources in real-time. No more waiting until the end of shift report or a patient complaint to identify bottlenecks or to take action. These metrics are available in real-time to improve efficiency, reduce patient wait times, and improve patient satisfaction.


Hospital can lose or gain up to 2% of their Medicare payments due to Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health­care Providers and Systems survey (HCAHPS) scores.

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