Enabling technology for healthcare systems to operate efficiently and effectively

We have been successfully assisting organizations for decades in selecting, implementing and optimizing healthcare compliance, HIPAA services, cybersecurity solutions, cloud services, Managed IT Services and practice management solutions.

Compliance Services

A healthier world starts with risk assessment. And mitigating risk starts with HIPAA compliance. Without the secure exchange of patient data, healthcare facilities are vulnerable to breaches. These breaches can expose the patients’ and employees’ private data. High-profile data exposure damages the reputation of the practices, erodes public trust, and often results in legal & financial consequences.

HIPAA Compliance Services

Value-Based Care Solutions

The shift to value-based care – keeping people healthy by focusing on patient outcomes and improving quality of care – holds the key to bend the cost curve. Most high-value patient data is hidden in unstructured data, which can be difficult to extract and process at scale.

Bring Together Structured And Unstructured Patient Data

Managed IT Services

Medical organizations need new business applications, communications tools, data analytics, business intelligence, and custom applications. We provide:

  • Full Application Development
  • An In-house Team
  • Project Management
  • On-time Project Completion
Technology for healthcare providers

Interoperability & Integration Services

Every Healthcare practice requires a customized EHR solution to be implemented and supported. United Office Technologies Group can assist Healthcare practices identify the requirements and implementing the right solution for your workflow and setting of care. UOTG’s Interoperability and integration services is offered to the Acute Care, Ambulatory Care and Extended Care practices.

customized Electronic Health Records solutions

Workflow Optimization Solutions

UOTG’s workflow optimization solutions facilitate the transfer of information between physicians, affiliated organizations, remote workers, payers, and patients. The platform transforms all objects into actionable information to automate workflow and deliver information where you need it, when you need it.

Patient Experience Management Solutions

UOTG’s patient tracking system is platform independent and provides real-time patient status and tracking. As a multi-tenant solution, it allows management to monitor multiple areas and facilities from a central location with message notification features to clinicians, family members, and ancillary services such as patient transportation. The system also measures registration, throughput, and wait times in real-time that can be used to improve efficiencies, reduce patient wait times, and improve patient satisfaction.

Improving the Patient Experience with Innovative Solutions


60% of hospitals will have negative margins by 2025
$4 million is the average cost of a data breach in Healthcare
607 is the current number of rural hospitals in danger of closing their doors

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