Virtual Information Security Officer

Few industries are more vulnerable to cyber threats than finance, because few industries access as much data. But around-the-clock cybersecurity for the most sought-after data supply is no easy task. Information security can be laborious, time-consuming, and expensive.

To protect your customers’ data, your information security officer (ISO) works with your IT team. But finding a qualified ISO—either in-house or outsourced—is easier said than done. You know what you need to keep your customers’ data safe, but you may not have the resources to make it happen. To help keep your customers’ data secure, we offer a virtual information security officer (vISO) service. Endorsed by the ICBA, our vISO encompasses:

Our vISO aims to supplement your in-house capabilities and bolster your data protection plan. Use our vISO to empower your financial firm, smother cyber threats and meet exhaustive industry regulations.

A Cost-Effective, Customized, Scalable Information Security Program

Sensible security infrastructure starts with our pool of certified experts. Working together, we can customize and maintain an information security program. It will bring your firm continuity, consistency, and incident analysis, including identification and response. We can also classify the vulnerability of your data based on its sensitivity and value.

24/7 Real-Time Security Monitoring and Management

Our vISO services never sleep. Your IT infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted availability and performance. You’ll have continuous visibility into your network: the size and sophistication of threats, the safeguards we’re using, and the level of risk. Our automatic risk reports provide real-time analytics and forecasting data at critical intervals.

Guidance, Policies, And Procedures to Keep in Compliance

Our vISO services include policies and standards that meet FFIEC requirements. We’ll also assess GLBA components for vulnerabilities and risk level. As a result, you can stay ahead of cyber threats and protect your data.


1. Access to a team of experts rather than a single source
2. Flexible to your needs and time
3. Cost effective

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