Build a Great Defense

Security risks and vulnerabilities are everywhere, including your employees.  Hackers are using your employees against you to steal your data. How do you make sure that your employees are in fact your greatest defense?

Managed Security Awareness Training reduces your chances for data loss, malware infections and any potential cyber threat by educating your employees and helps to create a human firewall. The best by-product of Managed Security Awareness Training is increased user productivity because users are confident in their education against these potential threats, in turn streamlining their everyday work.

Services & Benefits


Use on-demand, interactive, and engaging computer-based training instead of old-style PowerPoint slides. Awareness modules and videos should educate users on how a phishing or social engineering attempt could happen to them.


Start with baseline testing of your entire user base. Additional testing at least once a month, test your staff to reinforce the training and continue the learning process. You are trying to train a mindset and create new habits. It takes a while to set that in motion. Simulated social engineering tests at least once a month are effective at changing behavior.

Measured Results

Have the ability to report on the training and testing of the users. Track how your workforce responds to both training and phishing.

Increase Productivity

When your employees are confident and comfortable understanding how to look for potential threats, they can perform their tasks with ease.


91% of cyberattacks begin with a spear phishing email.

96% of executives are unable to distinguish a phishing email from a legitimate one 100% of the time
30% of data breaches are caused by repeat offenders

Source: KnowBe4

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