Our 4C Technology Management Approach

According to an analysis released by IDC, the world’s storage quotient of data grows at the rate of 53% per annum. Every year, more content is generated than the year before, driven both by the increasing number of files stored and the size of the files themselves.

Digital technology is both the solution and the problem – unencumbered by the physical properties of paper, digital files are now received, stored and distributed online in an endless number of forms, from documents to spreadsheets to videos to Web pages and images.

The more data we need to store, the more we need to figure out how to keep track of it all. How much time is lost when a client contract cannot be found? How often are two employees separately editing a single document? How can you find a presentation given at a meeting when it’s stored with an obscure file name on a computer you probably can’t access?

Extracting Value Out of Content

Content in UOTG’s 4C technology management approach analyzes and optimizes how your company captures and delivers information. We start with the proposition that content is only of value if it can be found and accessed when needed – then we’ll help you design a content management system that delivers that value in spades.

Techniques that make content more accessible to users include enabling search capabilities that reach into documents, and adding electronic tags or metadata to the files that contain key pieces of information about the content.

Properly implemented, a good content-management system increases productivity, reduces the risk of poor version control, and controls access to sensitive data.

Content Empowers Companies

With the right content-management system in place, your company will be better-equipped to meet business-critical needs like managing content and business processes, simplifying how people find and share information across boundaries, and enabling informed decisions.

These systems and the technologies can help teams stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people, documents, and information that help in decision making and in simply getting work done.

United Office Technologies Group can help implement a content-management system that evolves over time: it can start out simply as centralized and indexed data storage, then eventually expand into an enterprise-wide system that allows anyone in the organization to quickly find content.


Content is only of value if it can be found and accessed when needed – we’ll help you design a content management system that delivers that value in spades.

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