How Team Members Can Best Work Together

In a survey of business owners and decision makers, respondents said that improving productivity topped their list of business priorities. For these companies, collaboration is often the missing link between wanting a more productive enterprise and achieving it.

Collaboration in UOTG’s 4C technology management approach studies how team members can best work together in real time.

Our team at United Office Technologies Group will help you implement technologies and practices that best help individual employees work together in a coordinated fashion towards a common goal of your choosing. Your business can improve collaboration by giving people the power to engage and innovate anywhere, using any device.

Whether reviewing data from a tablet while on the go, analyzing integrated operational data from an office desktop, or conducting a video consultation from a home PC, proper collaboration can help workers connect with the right information and people in the right way at the right time.

Evolving Technology

Much depends on finding the right software and hardware combination that connects workers across remote geographic locations, while providing tools to aid collaboration and the problem solving process.

Whether your employees work from home or remote offices, or if they travel frequently, they need the ability to work with colleagues and access the most up-to-date information. Email used to be the status quo technology, but no longer – it lacks the personal touch of a live discussion or meeting, and a lot of time can be burned up simply by reading and responding to messages.

Social media is the new wave, offering ways to interact within groups that email simply can’t replicate. Some social media capabilities from the consumer world also have benefits in professional life.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Investing in collaboration technology brings results, not only in efficiency and productivity, but also to the bottom line.

For example, taking your business from traditional phone systems to a unified communication (UC) system reduces and consolidates vendor costs while also making it easier for employees to take business phones home with no additional configuration or cost on their end.

UC and instant messaging also reduce or eliminate costs associated with internal inter-office communication. Video conferencing reduces the need for costly travel and saves valuable time for everyone involved.


Collaboration studies how team members can best work together in real time.

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