End-To-End Expertise Around Deployment Services

Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and specialty devices abound in today’s work environments. With most workers having more than one device, it’s only a matter of time until the complex task of device deployment will be required. Enable your workforce with the technology tools necessary for efficiency and productivity. Our Deployment Services can make all the difference in helping to overcome challenges and is the single source for scalable custom device deployment, from understanding your existing ecosystem, consulting, simplified provisioning to complete lifecycle management.

The Capacity for Custom Roll-Out Programs

Our configuration center offers a vast space of climate-controlled, secure-storage for inventory management, configuration, provisioning, tagging and inventory collection, and fulfillment. With this facility, we have the capacity to image and process in excess of 2,000 devices per day across different platforms (Windows, Apple, Chrome), depending on unique requirements.


Deploying devices can be complex and time consuming. We have it down to a science. Critical prerequisites are applied to map to your business mission, and to specific device use case.


A device can be configured for each specific user so it’s ready to use – right out of the box. Endpoint devices can be customized to run on different platforms such as Windows, Apple, Android, iOS, and Chrome. And, they can be shipped to multiple locations or to individual remote end users.

Management & Security

A host of solutions for device management and security are available to help ensure you have what’s necessary to manage device investments successfully.

Lifecycle Management

Get a one-stop project experience for device lifecycle management which includes recovery, repair, and reprovisioning.


Protect and maximize your investments with asset tagging, RFID solutions, and industrial laser engraving for reproduction of advanced graphics and logos on devices and cases. Engraving is a powerful theft deterrent and perfect for business branding.


End-to-end outsourced support that combines our certified help desk, dedicated support engineers, with best-in-class remote access tools for email, phone, ticketing, and endpoint management.


Our configuration center offers 30,000 square feet of climate-controlled, secure storage for inventory management, imaging, provisioning, and asset control.

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