A Remote Work Environment with Security In Mind

74% of CFOs surveyed in the most recent Gartner poll intend to shift employees to permanently working from home.  Keeping employees productive while working from home is one concern, but an even bigger concern is security.  Preparing employees for working at home is the best way to ensure secure working environments.  Many businesses are under the misconception that just having their users utilize a secure VPN is enough, but it’s not.  In fact, VPN is only one layer of a required multi-layer security strategy.

Based on research published by Vanson Bourne Inc., 33% of those surveyed say data security is their biggest concern with a remote workforce. How do you balance employee trust and privacy concerns with corporate security standards?

Layered Security Protects from:

  • Malware and Viruses
  • Phishing, Ransomware, DNS Spoofing
  • VPN Access Holes
  • Daily New Vulnerabilities that Require Patching & Monitoring
  • Unsecured End-Points
Hands typing on a laptop security shield icon diaplying over screen

A Layered Approach to Securely Work from Home

By taking a layered approach to security awareness you can rest easy knowing your business can operate smoothly wherever your employees are located.

While we’d like to think joining a secure VPN is enough to stay protected while working from home, there are multiple layers that contribute to an overall security approach.  Our Home  Assurance package is designed to provide the layers of security you need to keep your business and employees  safe from malicious attacks.

Home Assurance Ecosystem




Service Desk SupportIncluded – Business HoursIncluded – Business Hours
Fully Managed End Point Encryption
Fully Managed Security Awareness Training
Fully Managed Anti-Virus
Fully Managed Microsoft Critical Patching
Fully Managed Data Back-up
Fully Managed Web Filtering
Managed VPN/ Firewall- Segmented Network FortiAP and 40F


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