Data-Driven Fleet Management

With FORZA Field Service ERP, you can map your entire fleet operations, gaining optimal data driven visibility from single screen. The system is equipped with a full true ERP package designed for Fleet Management that allows you to specify and track important fleet data such as the license plate or serial number, load volume, consumption data, fuel type, etc. directly in the equipment master record.

Featured Services of Fleet Management

Alerts & Notifications

A user-friendly web-based dispatch interface is essential to a mobile workforce. With drag and drop capabilities, color-coded alerts and statuses, dispatchers can easily manage call workload and allocate resources properly.

Maintenance Tasks

Track maintenance and service tasks including built in notification features and forecasting. Perform Maintenance planning and set next scheduled service dates with data driven efficiency and availability.

Data-Driven Decisions

Knowledge is power and you will know the overall health of your fleet in real-time with constant data coming from the fleet. Easily access all the fleet metrics you need to make smart decisions for your business.

Built for Growth

Designed to start small and build to manage large enterprise fleets as your business grows. Track your assets, resources, productivity levels, and more.


48% of businesses experienced enhanced real-time visibility into various data points and gained usable insights.

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