Consulting Services Tailor-Fitted To Your Business

Implementing and adopting new technologies is critical if you want to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing business world. While becoming an intelligent enterprise sounds complex, it is really much simpler than you think. When your organization needs to streamline processes, expand revenue opportunities, or adapt to future digital transformations, UOTG’s Business Consulting Services is here to help.

Field Service Management

Providing efficient tools to manage field service is more important than ever in supporting your customers. Gain insight into the issues and needs of your customer to drive revenue, build brand awareness, and foster customer longevity.

Fleet Management

Easily track your entire fleet operation while gathering crucial information to make smarter business decisions. Efficiently manage your fleet with real-time data collection, then turn that information into a user-friendly report created from the analytics.

OEM Dealership

OEM Dealerships rely on FORZA as the only true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed for the printing and imaging channel. FORZA offers an all-inclusive single system that will support your business needs and provide workflow integration to grow your company.

Wholesale Distribution

Distributors are quickly moving away from isolated single-use applications to a flexible and robust ERP platform that unifies all their core business functions. Track performance from inventory to delivery and optimize working capital to make quick decisions based on real-time data.


According to IDC, 55% of organizations will be digitally determined, transforming markets and reimagining the future through new business models and digitally enabled products and services.

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